There are a few characters in Arcadia Quest that can be played as both a villain and a hero. Kragor is one of those characters and he comes in the Hell of a Box, which is the stretch goals from the Inferno Kickstarter campaign.

A quick look at Kragor and many will notice that he shares a striking resemblance to Skeletor from Master’s of the Universe. Since two of the miniatures came in the stretch goals box, I painted one to match the art in the game and the other to match character to whom he is based.

Close up of two painted skeleton miniatures.

Paint List

  • Base
    • Abaddon Black
    • Mephiston Red
    • Ushbati Bone
    • Caledor Sky
    • Xereus Purple
  • Wash
    • Carroburg Crimson
    • Plaguebearer Flesh
    • Seraphim Sepia
    • Drakenhof Nightshade
    • Druchii Violet
  • Dry Brushing
    • Administrator Grey
    • Genestealer Purple
    • Corax White
  • Highlighting
    • Liberator Gold
    • Mephiston Red
    • Warpstone Glow
  • Finishing
    • Ardcoat (Use this brush on gloss finish on the eye balls)

All of the above are Citadel paints

Side image of two painted skeleton miniatures.
The back of two painted miniatures.
The side of two painted skeleton miniatures.

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