One of the things love most about Arcadia Quest miniatures are the characters that are based on people in movies and television shows. The Faceless are four major minions that look to be very much based on the Deatheaters from the Harry Potter books and movies. Painting the Faceless miniatures really brings them to life!

Paint List

  • Base
    • Abbadon Black – Citadel
    • Snow White – Citadel
    • Mourning Brown – Citadel
  • Dry Brushing
    • Leadbelcher – Citadel
    • Skavenblight Dinge – Citadel
  • Highlighting and Detail
    • Moot Green – Citadel
    • Mephiston Red – Citadel
    • Flash Gitz Yellow – Citadel
    • Caledor Sky – Citadel
  • Contrast (for wands)
    • Blood Angels Red – Ctadel
    • Warp Lightening – Citadel
    • Talassar Blue – Citadel
    • Iyanden Yellow – Citadel
  • Finishing
    • Ardcoat – Citadel (use this on their masks to give them a shiny gloss finish)
Side image of painted miniatures.
The back of four painted miniatures.
Side image of painted miniatures.

These are from the Guildmaster Box which are the promo stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign. Here are some other painted minis from that box.

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