Skelebone is a minor minion monster in the Arcadia Quest Beyond the Grave expansion. This army of skeletons are quite the nuisance to the heroes of Arcadia Quest. Painting this army was a combination of base painting, with plenty of dry brushing and a little bit of highlighting.

A skeleton army.

Paint List

  • Base
    • Abbadon Black – Citadel
    • Ushbati Bone – Citadel
    • Mephiston Red – Citadel
    • Corax White – Citadel
    • Xereus Purple – Citadel
    • Leadbelcher – Citadel
    • Liberator Gold – Citadel
  • Dry Brush
    • Skavenblight Dinge
  • Wash
    • Nuln Oil – Citadel
    • Seraphim Sepia – Citadel
Side image of skeleton miniature army
Picture from behind of skeleton miniatures.
Miniatures of skeletons showing swords and shields

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