The Hedgehornet is one of the monsters in Arcadia Quest Pets expansion. These are a menacing major minion with a ranged attack. They are colourful and a great addition to this dungeon crawler. Painting this miniature was a lot of fun. These CMON miniatures are awesome.

Four painted hornet looking miniatures.

Here Are The Paints I Used

  • Base
    • Stormvermin Fur – Citadel
    • Fulgrim Pink – Citadel
    • Abbadon Black – Citadel
    • Phalanx Yellow – Citadel
    • Caledor Sky – Citadel
    • Fire Dragon Bright – Citadel
  • Dry Brush
    • Administratum Grey – Citadel
  • Highlight
    • Corax White – Citadel
    • Mephiston Red – Citadel
    • Wild Rider Red – Citadel
  • Washes
    • Nuln Oil – Citadel
Side Image of painted miniatures
Image of the back of painted hornet miniatures.
Side image of painted miniatures.

A mash up of a hornet with a hedgehog, these monsters from Arcadia Quest Pets can attack from a distance!

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