Korilla is one of the monsters that you face in Arcadia Quest Pets expansion. There are four of these Major Minions, so I did a little batch painting with them, doing each colour at a time on all four of the miniatures.

Four miniatures of gorillas with a koala bear face.

Here Are The Paints I Used

  • Base
    • Zandri Dust – Citadel
    • Stormvermin Fur – Citadel
    • Fulgurite Copper – Citadel
  • Dry Brush
    • Celestra Grey – Citadel
    • Ushbati Bone
  • Washes
    • Nuln Oil – Citadel
    • Agrax Earthshade – Citadel
Side image of gorilla miniature.
Back of four animal miniatures.
Side image of four plastic miniatures.

A mash up of a gorilla with a koala bear, these monsters from Arcadia Quest Pets are cute and menacing at the same time!

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