Chuck is a promo pet that is a fun addition to Arcadia Quest. The Pets expansion comes with lots of pets, but the promo ones are super fun. Painting Chuck is fairly simple and only uses a few different paint colours.

Chuck’s ability is so good that he is an often sought after pet!

A dice miniature in front of a card.

Paint List

  • Base and Dry Brushing
    • Abbadon Black – Citadel
    • Corax White – Citadel
    • Leadbelcher – Citadel
    • Liberator Gold – Citadel
  • Washes
    • Nuln Oil – Citadel
A painted miniature and a playing card.
The back of a plastic miniature.
The side of a painted miniature that looks like a game die.

Pets are a fun addition to Arcadia Quest and Chuck is definitely a fan favourite!

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