Arcadia Quest came out with a couple ‘pet packs’ each with three unique pets to add to the Pets expansion. Neville is a tree frog that was included in the Pet Pack 1. Painting him is quite easy and I did a lot of dry brushing to add some nice texture to the miniature.

Paint List

  • Base
    • Warpstone Glow – Citadel
    • Troll Slayer Orange – Citadel
    • Abbadon Black – Citadel
  • Dry Brush
    • Moot Green – Citadel
    • Fire Slayer Orange
  • Wash
    • Coelia Greenshade – Citadel
Side image of a painted tree frog miniature.
The back side of a painted tree frog.
The side of a painted tree frog.

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